Dita Von Teese Not Famous Enough For Her Own Fragrance?

There aren’t many women who wouldn’t leap out of their Manolos at the chance to walk, talk, and smell like busty burlesque dancer/model Dita Von Teese — but the former Mrs. Marilyn Manson has been faced with almost constant roadblocks as she works to fulfill her dream of launching a signature fragrance.

Dita is struggling to find a company to back her scent, because fashion bosses argue that she’s not enough of a well-known celebrity. In fact, just a few weeks ago, a major cosmetics brand rejected a collaborative deal with Von Teese over fears that she is not famous enough to carry a cosmetics brand. (In times like these, don’t you just yearn for the ’90s when everyone and their uncle — including the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 — was worthy enough to front a fragrance campaign?!)

“What I really want to do is make my own fragrance. I don’t want to smell like anyone else. I have to talk to the smaller companies, because the bigger ones, like Coty, are like ‘Well, not everyone knows your name, like the Kardashians or Victoria Beckham,” Von Teese told Women’s Wear Daily this week.

The raven-haired former adult film star has set up a series of business meetings with smaller firms in that one of them will want to invest in her idea and developed her scent.

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