Discovery channel announces Gold Rush: South America premiere date


Gold Rush: South America will be hitting the airwaves this August.

The popular Discovery channel series that follows Alaskan miners Todd Hoffman, Dakota Fred and Parker Schnabel should
make for some interesting television as they all head into new working environments.

The Hoffman crew will be mining in Chile, Peru and Guyana while the Dakota boys will be drudging in the remote mountains of Cahoon Creek. Gold Rush resident teenager, Parker Schnabel will head out on his own in the Klondike.

Hoffman spoke about the mining in South America calling it “dangerous.”

“South America is far more dangerous than I thought,” he reveals. “On our six-week quest, we had a very scary car accident, I almost got robbed, I drove over a snake on my motorcycle (it looked like a stick) and I almost got killed by a falling tree. But the real challenge is being away from my awesome dysfunctional family. Love ’em.”

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