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Dina Lohan Says, “Leave Lindsay Alone!”
posted by:Castina


Stage mom Dina Lohan has jumped to defense of daughter Lindsay Lohan in the wake of reports that the most famous of her four children is under investigation for swiping several hundred thousand dollars worth of jewels during a photoshoot with Elle UK in London last month.

Despite the fact that it was she who introduced her daughter to showbusiness as a child, Dina is now demanding that everyone just leave Linds alone.

(Like that’ll happen…)

“Last month her personal cell was posted online and now her phone messages have been hacked,” the star of E!’s Living Lohan told PEOPLE Thursday. “This must stop. She is a 22-year-old girl who needs to live her life in peace.”

The furious Mama Bear added, “The tabloids need to leave her alone with all the lies and reporting with no proof.”

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