Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan E! Reality Show: Dina Lohan Reality Show “Momager” Desperate For Lindsay Lohan

Dina Lohan is desperate to get the most famous of his four children involved in the taping of her new E! reality series, Momager, according to new reports. Dina is convinced that regular appearances by actress daughter Lindsay Lohan is the only way to ensure a ratings hit.

According to the New York Daily News:

…A source close to the family says Dina is “almost desperate, trying to get Lindsay involved with the show. Dina needs Lindsay if this show is going to be a big hit. The difference between just Ali and Dina, versus with Lindsay, is huge. Unfortunately, if Lindsay participates, it will only hinder her growth and stunt her career. She’s a gifted actress and not a reality-TV star.”

“This show is more about our family, and Ali’s music, and what we do. [It’s also about] setting the record straight about what’s been written about our family,” Dina tells the New York Daily News.

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