Diddy Saves the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem

It’s always nice to see celebrities putting their copious wealth towards something worthwhile — and that’s exactly what Diddy (that’s still his name, isn’t it?) has done.

Apparently the Harlem chapter of the Boys & Girls Club was facing closure due to cuts in state budgets and private donations — until it got a sizable donation from the very famous founder of the Bad Boy Entertainment conglomerate.

Willie C. Bentley, Jr., Board Member and Resource Development Chair of The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem, told AllHipHop.com:

Mr. Combs’ contribution comes at a time when we were faced with the possibility of eliminating existing programs and/or club sites. 100% of Mr. Combs’ contribution will go directly to the young people, and provide educational, recreational and social enrichment programs allowing us to move forward as a club, uninterrupted.

If you don’t know anything about the Boys & Girls Clubs, it’s a terrific organization — when kids aren’t in school, the clubs give them a safe place to hang out instead of roaming the streets or being at home alone. More than one high-profile person has credited a local Boys & Girls Club as being a big part of his or her success story.

And thanks to Diddy, maybe a few more kids will someday be able to say the same.

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