Diddy, Jigga, Becks, and Mariah Listed As Witnesses In Money Laundering Trial

Hip-hop moguls Diddy and Jigga, songbird Mariah Carey, and international superstar David Beckham are among the witnesses being listed in defense of famed New York jeweler to the stars, Jacob the Jeweler.

JTJ was among 16 people indicted by a Michigan District Attorney last May for violating federal drug laws and laundering an excess of $270 million.

The jeweler is accused of taking drug money generated by the Black Mafia Family, an Atlanta drug gang accused of moving more than four hundred kilos of blow between the early nineties and 2006. He is also accused of giving them jewelry in return without making proper report of the transactions.

New York sources are reporting that four of Jacob’s most famous clients are being listed as potential character witnesses. “They themselves made substantial purchases in cash from him and all the money was handled properly,” says JTJ’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman.

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