Diddy D-Listed

Sources in New York are whispering that Diddy found himself D-Listed from the CAA Golden Globe Afterparty at LA’s Sunset Tower on Monday night.

He was told his name wasn’t on the list. When Diddy became “verbally abusive and started yelling at security,” says the source. The hotel’s owner Jeff Klein came out and “kindly asked Puffy to leave,” the eyewitness continues. Diddy shouted, “What are you going to do – call the police?” Klein said, “Yes!” “Just try it – I’ll spend the rest of my life hunting you down!”

Reportedly, the hip-hop head honcho has been banned from all CAA parties as a direct result of a temper tantrum that he threw at an event several years ago when he was turned away from the door. CAA denies the claim: “There is no ban on Puffy officially or unofficially. He just wasn’t invited.”

Diddy can now add the Sunset Tower to the list of establishments where he isn’t welcome.

Reps for the music exec deny the claims that he went all diva-like and got really kick-ass at the Sunset Tower:

“Sean never said those things. He respects people’s wishes and left. He went to Prince’s party instead.”

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