Did Kanye Get Pranked? Rapper So Sure Obama Called His House

Did Kanye get pranked, or is someone confused? Since Kanye still insists that President Obama calls him at home, despite Obama’s denial, that only leaves a few possibilities:

  • One of the two is deliberately perpetuating falsehoods. (What would be the purpose of lying about a phone call?)
  • One of the two has forgotten or is confused — maybe Kanye dreamed the calls, or Obama just forgot how close he is with the interrupting star? (This, too, seems unlikely.)
  • Kanye’s getting pranked.

Since nobody wants to believe that the POTUS or Mr. I’m’a-let-you-finish would tell a lie (especially about something as irrelevant as a phone call), and we hope neither of them is going senile, that leaves a prank as perhaps the most likely explanation.

Quick recap if you’re not up-to-date: Kanye claimed that he and Obama are so tight, the POTUS calls him ‘on the home phone.’Then Jimmy Kimmel asked President Obama (who also read his mean tweets on the show — a must-see) about it. You can watch his response below, but in short, the Prez indicated that he doesn’t call up Kanye to chat.

Now, though, Kanye has doubled down: TMZ asked him about the whole situation, and he insists that he was telling the truth.

If Obama is telling the truth, and Kanye is telling the truth, the only possibility left is that Kanye is being prank-called by someone pretending to be Obama. This, of course, leads to the obvious next question — who do we know who is experienced in doing impressions of Barack Obama?

Okay, maybe not — but what’s really going on here with Kanye West and President Obama? Is the rapper getting secret presidential phone calls, or did he exaggerate a little bit?

TELL US: Did Kanye get pranked, or is he overstating the value the President places on his input?

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