Did Italy Revoke “Jersey Shore” Filming Permits?

MTV can just fuggedaboutit filming the fourth season of it’s ratings hit Jersey Shore in Europe, if RadarOnline.com snoops are to be believed. Italian officials have allegedly revoked filming permits for the show, further delaying the already-stalled production schedule, which was set to begin this week.

The show has so far been a huge success and the producers wanted to take the show to the next level by filming outside of the United States. While The Hollywood Reporter claims that this latest setback is a minor bump in the road, prompted by the Italian president’s visit to Florence this week, other tipsters tell Radar that Florence mayor Matteo Renzi has thrown another monkey wrench in plans for the cast to film in the quaint city — this time by abruptly revoking MTV’s filming permit with no explanation.

Filming the show in Florence was always going to be a challenge. Last month, disgruntled government officials placed some stringent restrictions on the self-professed guidos and guidettes. The mayor of the city made it clear that no public drinking will be tolerated — and everyone knows that drinking and public nudity are one of the strongest parts of Shore’s appeal! Renzi also effectively refused to permit the cast to film at a number of Florence landmarks.

We hear the network has rented a townhouse for the cast to live in during the month-and-a-half shoot. Shore producers are now trying to figure out their next move.

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