Did Brad Pitt Abandon His Grandma?

Oh Mylanta! Has Brad Pitt abandoned his Nana?

The Academy Award-nominated star of last year’s sleeper hit Moneyball stick his 89-year-old grandmother, Betty Russell, in a “substandard” nursing home and hasn’t been back in four years, according to his estranged aunt, Mary-Ann.

Hmmm…sounds like Brad has been very busy admiring Angelina Jolie’s leg.

Rose Manee, the nursing home where Russell lives in Shawnee, Oklahoma, received just one out of five stars in a state inspection.

While Brad and Angie live a luxurious life abroad with their six kids, Betty is apparently stuck in “substandard” care, surrounded by pictures of the superstar couple. Betty passes her time by playing bingo and going out to get her hair done. The family, nonetheless, hopes Brad will make an effort to see his grandma before her upcoming 90th birthday.

“Betty misses him. He doesn’t write, he doesn’t seem to stay in contact with her. I’m sure he’s busy but I don’t know why he doesn’t stay in contact with his grandmother He used to send her flowers every month and call her once in a while… but not anymore.”

Brad, now an atheist, previously claimed he found his Christian upbringing in Shawnee “stifling.”

“I’ve got my issues with it.”

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