D*cks By Mail Delivers Anonymous And Delicious Penises To Unsuspecting Victims

Eat a bag of dicks delivery service

Do you want to tell someone to suck a dick? Because now you can do it anonymously with the new service “Dicks By Mail.”

The company, which follows in the footsteps of ShitExpress.com and ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com, sends gummy penises via an anonymous mailing service. The phallic candy arrives in an unmarked manila envelope which ensures that your targets are fully unaware of what they are about to receive.

Dicks By Mail Deliver Service

Images which recently appeared on IMGUR show a note that reads, “Eat A Bag Of Dicks.”

Dicks by Mail

According to IMGUR user budwik, they felt, “offended, but delighted” upon opening the package, while adding, “The worst part is… they’re delicious.”

TELL US: Would you be willing to use Dicks By Mail to stick it to someone you don’t like?

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