Devo “Futurama” 100th Episode Special

New wave ’80s rockers Devo will join Snoop Dogg and Coolio as the music stars who have been animated for an episode of Futurama. The “Whip It” stars will celebrate the 100th episode of the cult show with a special appearance later this year.

The futuristic Matt Groening series was cancelled by FOX in 2003, but stellar DVD sales brought it back to life on Comedy Central last month. To celebrate the 100th show, Groening commissioned his musical heroes to be a part of the show – and they’ve agreed to guest star — as mutant rights activists!

The gig couldn’t come at a better time for Devo; the band is staging a comeback of their own with the release of their new album Something for Everybody, dropping in Europe June 14. The album will be Devo’s first in 20 years.

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