These Awesome Designer Handbags And Accessories Are Made Out Of LEGOS

Agabag LEGO case

LEGOS are popular all over the world and that means there are millions of people who can find creative ways to use the simple blocks. Polan-based Agabag have set out to change the way we view LEGOS by adding them to stylish and colorful handbags, purses, and other accessories. The company even creates jewelry encased in official LEGO bricks.

If you love the designs featured below you can check them out on their website as well as on Etsy.

Agabag carrier case

The stylish LEGO cases can cost more than $200.
Agabag Case

The Cases Run From Stark Blacks To Bright And Classic

Agabag Lego Pocket Case

The handleS Are Made For Comfort.

Agabag Purse

Each Design Features Different Color Options

Agabag Red Purse

TELL US: Would you be willing to carry around a LEGO encrusted purse or pocket book?


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