Listen to Demi Moore 911 Call: ‘She Smoked Something…’

The 911 call placed from Demi Moore’s home on Monday night has been released for public consumption — and it seems to support the rampant rumors that the actress is on the bad stuff.

The actress, 49, was taken to a Sherman Oaks hospital this week after falling ill at her home in suburban Los Angeles. Her reps said she is seeking treatment “for exhaustion and to improve her overall health.”

But gossip has it that Demi has been carted off to rehab to treat everything from anorexia to addiction to Whippits and the prescription drug Adderall.

The 911 call that precipitated her hospital trip certainly points to sometime a wee bit more serious than mere stress for a pending divorce. A “very specific but limited” section of the call, related to Moore’s medical history and the substance involved in the incident were cut out, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney told ABC News.

A frantic unidentified female caller can be heard saying to the operator:

“We need an ambulance here as soon as possible please. Why is an ambulance not on its way right now? Why is this taking so long? She smoked something, it’s not marijuana, but it’s similar to incense and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort. [She’s] semi-conscious, barely.”

The operator then asked:

“Was this accidental or intentional?”

The caller explained:

“She smoked something, but the reaction was accidental. It’s accidental.”

Another female then gets on the call:

“…She’s been having some issues lately with some other stuff. I don’t know what she’s been taking. I’m taking cold water and putting it on her back because she is burning up…She’s squeezing hands, she can’t speak.”

The operator asked:

“Has she done this before?”

The second caller added:

“I don’t know, there’s been some stuff recently that we’re just finding out.”

Claims are being made that Demi, in total Stepford Wives fashion, is hooked on Adderall. The drug is often prescribed to curb hyperactivity in children with ADHD, but it sometimes ends up in the hands of moms, who use it as an appetite suppressant.

A tipster told Radar Online this week.

“Demi has been taking Adderall and drinking energy drinks and starving herself and those are some of the serious causes that led her to collapse on Monday night. The pills and starvation destroyed Demi and this has been a problem for about a year. She’s constantly jacked up on Adderall and combining that with not eating accounts for her loopy behavior and anorexic body frame. She literally refuses to eat any food.”

The Chicago Sun-Times concurs. A snoop told that site that the star’s “inner circle” — including ex-husband Bruce Willis — have been concerned about Demi’s obsession with weight and youth.

“Everything she’s been doing the past couple of months have exasperated some long-simmering problems in Demi’s life. Obviously, there’s the stress of her marriage collapsing. But she’s always been crazy-obsessed about her weight and, I’m sorry to say, become too dependent on all kinds of medications.”

Another source added:

“You’ve heard about someone having a ‘daddy’ complex. Well, Demi has a ‘daughter’ complex. She’s a great mom but relates so closely to her daughters, she’s more like a pal than a parent. She is so into all their interests and habits.”

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