Demi Lovato Picture Gallery

Demi Lovato Camp Rock
Demi Lovato pictured in the Camp Rock Credits

PopCrunch is continuing our look at the hottest new stars, and today we’re looking at pictures of Demi Lovato, star of Disney’s show Camp Rock. Lovato is already a big star among the younger crowd, but she’s about to expand her audience with a new album coming out September 23rd. She’s going to be huge, and we’ll keep adding pics to this space over time, so keep your eyes peeled. Enjoy.

Demi Lovato Smile
Here’s Lovato in a picture flashing her huge smile.

Demi Lovato sidewalk
Demi looks like she’s hanging out in a pretty shady part of town in this pic.

Demi Lovato profile
Demi Lovato in a nice profile shot. She certainly doesn’t have a “bad side”.

Demi Lovato Pat Benatar shirt
Here’s a photo of Demi Lovato showing some respect for those who came before her, wearing a Pat Benatar shirt while performing.

Demi Lovato New Kids On The Block
Demi is also apparently a New Kids fan.

Demi Lovato Princess
Playing into the whole Disney theme, Demi Lovato makes for a cute princess.

Demi Lovato Minnie Mouse
Here’s a picture of Lovato with her employer, Ms. Minnie Mouse.

Demi Lovato Jonas Brothers
Demi is reportedly close friends with the Jonas Brothers.

Demi Lovato Candid Photo
Demi must be big into self portraits. Here’s a candid shot of her in what looks like a car.

Demi Lovato Camp Rock
Demi Lovato pictured at a Camp Rock promotion.

Demi Lovato boyfriend
Demi Lovato, like virtually every Disney starlet, has been linked with various Jonas Brothers romantically, but she’s actually dating actor Nick Braun.

Demi Lovato Black Hat
Lovato must really like this black hat. You can find tons of pics of her wearing it in an image search.

Demi Lovato showing her patriotic side with an Army t-shirt.

Demi Lovato Camp Rock
Demi Lovato in an ad for her hit Disney show “Camp Rock”.

Keep checking back for more great Demi Lovato pictures.

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