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Demaris Meyer, the alleged mistress of actor Morgan Freeman, appeared at a news conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday to discuss a lawsuit against the Oscar-winning star stemming from an accident in which she was seriously injured when Freeman lost control of his car on a dark Mississippi road last August.

According to court documents filed in Mississippi federal court Wednesday, Meyer claims that “throughout the course of dinner and afterward drinks were consumed by Freeman” at the Bayou Bend Golf & Country Club.

Following dinner, Morgan “invited Ms. Meyer to stay at his home for the night, indicating that not only would Ms. Meyer have her own bedroom in which to stay, she would have her ‘own house.'” She says that before leaving the establishment, “Freeman had at least one more drink.”

At approximately 11:30 PM on their way to the actor’s home, “Freeman lost control of the car, entered the left lane of traffic, over corrected his steering and ran off the right side of the highway.”

The car then went into a ditch and struck an embankment and flipped multiple times.

Demaris Meyer suffered a broken left wrist and right scapula, a torn labrum in her right shoulder, pulmonary contusions, cervical strain and numerous bruise and lacerations as a result of the crash. She also claims to be suffering from cognitive difficulties and short-term memory loss.

Demaris is suing for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disability, mental and emotional distress, and property damage.

She is being represented by pitbull celebrity litigator Gloria Allred.

Cha-Ching! Let that cash register ring. Am I the person who smells a rat here? Why would this woman get into a car with a person she believed to be intoxicated? Can a person sue if their predicament is the result of their own bad judgement?

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