DeMarcus Cousins Records Historic Stat Line, Joining Kareem Abdul-Jabar As The Only Player To Do So

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

DeMarcus Cousins had an incredible game last night, to say the least. The former Kentucky Wildcat star is certainly playing on another level than the rest of the Sacramento Kings, currently one of the worst teams in the league.

Somehow the stat line that Cousins was responsible for last night made him the only other player in history, other than the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabar, to accomplish such a thing.

In last night’s game against the Houston Rockets, his impressive stat line consisted of 24 points, 21 rebounds, 10 assists, six blocks and three steals. For some reason, blocks were not even counted in a player’s stats prior to the 1973-1974 season, but there probably weren’t too many other players, if any, that achieved a similar stat line.

DeMarcus Cousins has become the first player aside from Kareem to get 20-plus points, 20-plus rebounds, 10-plus assists and five-plus blocks in the same game. It makes you wonder what the rest of his team was doing when he was able to do all this, but then of course you remember that he is playing for the Sacramento Kings, a team that has won only 35% of its games this season.

Despite his unbelievable performance, the Kings obviously lost the game because they were playing the Rockets, rising to the top of the conference if it weren’t for the Golden State Warriors.  Their star player James Harden continues to prove why he may be the one deserving the MVP Award and put up his career-high 51 points last night in the 1115-111 win over the Kings.

Kings head coach George Karl has indicated that he plans to give Cousins some rest as the team closes out their final stretch of the season, but with games like this that showcase his talent, what’s the point of that? He is a beast on the court and should get all the time to prove that as possible. Perhaps he will improve the team at some point or move on to somewhere better.

Tell US: Does DeMarcus Cousins deserve to be on a better team that can showcase his talents even more and allow him to actually win games?

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