Deja Vu? Kirstie Alley Gets Back Together with Jenny Craig

Kirstie Alley is joining forces with Jenny Craig. And if that sounds familiar, well, it should. After all, she did the very same thing nine years ago.

Alley’s struggles with weight have been well-documented on the pages of celebrity glossies, on her small screen series Fat Actress and even on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars — where Kirstie waltzed her waistline down 100 pounds. These days, she seemed to have the weight management thing down to science. Life without a personal trainer, however, makes Kirstie a very naughty girl.

A very naughty girl with a big appetite and a lot of Spanx.

The Veronica’s Closet star, 63, blames a lack of discipline for a 30 pounds. weight gain over the past six months. That’s why she’s venturing back to familiar territory as she tries strives to whip herself back into shape.

Alley initially found success with the Jenny Craig program in 2004, losing 75 pounds with the help of a consultant and pre-prepared meals. She struggled for years, however, after parting ways with the brand three years later. The split, as legend has it, was bitter. The National Enquirer claimed Kirstie was kicked to the curb after her weight slowly began to creep back up.

There were no signs of acrimony as Kirstie and Jenny affectionately patted one another on the rear in statements announcing the reunion. Kirstie remarked:

“I love that you have a consultant. It’s like being an athlete. No athlete is going to do well without having a coach. We have to equate that to life. Without a coach helping us along the way, I don’t think someone can make it for the long haul.”

For its part, Jenny Craig CEO Monty Sharma just seems happy to have another celebrity ambassador on his team. Between Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson, Weight Watchers seemed to have cornered the market on pleasingly plump celebs.

“When Kirstie reached out to us, we welcomed her with open arms. We hope that having Kirstie return as our ambassador will provide continued encouragement to our members who have also struggled with their own weight and are looking for a program that works.”

The actress stars in an ad, premiering Monday, in which she pleads with Jenny to let her “come home” so she can enjoy “yummy food” and lose 20 to 30 pounds. The spot marks the beginning of a new campaign featuring Alley’s “renewed weight loss journey,” according to Jenny Craig brass. The weight loss brand has acquired Organic Liaison, a line of weight loss supplements Kirstie launched in 2010. Some of the company’s products will be integrated into the Jenny Craig line and sold at the local centers.

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