DC Cop Draws Gun During Twitter-Organized Snowball Fight

You gotta love Washington. It may not be the Big Apple or the City of Angels, but the inhabitants of America’s Capital City are always good for a chuckle. This is almost as good as the time voters re-elected convicted crack addict Marion Barry as the city’s mayor! DC police say they are investigating an incident in which a clueless plainclothes detective drew his service revolver during a community snowball fight.

The snowball fight was organized on the popular social networking site Twitter as more than 16 inches of the white stuff turned Washington into a White Wonderland on Saturday. Over 300 people showed up to the intersection of 14th & U St. NW to participate in the good-natured funfest yesterday afternoon. Folks divided themselves into two teams and took to opposite ends of the street to let the games begin. Witnesses say the snowball fight was just harmless fun until a stray ball hit the unmarked vehicle of one very pissed-off officer.“No one meant any harm, no one meant anything by — just having fun, it’s highly unfortunate,” Tisha West told The Washington Post. “We’re Washingtonians and we like to play in the blizzard.”

The incident was captured on video that was posted to YouTube. The officer can be seen holding a gun. Later, he identifies himself as a detective and acknowledges he drew his gun after being hit with snowballs.
In a video posted to YouTube, the bellowing police officer identifies himself as “Detective Baylor” and in response to someone saying that he pulled a gun on a snowball fight, he says:

“Yes, I did because I got hit with snowballs.”

Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Officer Kenny Bryson says police will conduct a full investigation into the circumstances of the incident, however he believes there’s no indication the officer pointed the gun at anyone.

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