“Days Of The Lives” Product Placement Abound

Guess we know how Days of Our Lives landed that two-year renewal from NBC!

It’s hard out here for a sudster. In the past two years, many long-running soap operas have gone off the air in the wake of the daytime genre’s fall from prominence, including As The World Turns and The Guiding Light. It appears Days is getting through the tough times with the help of an assortment of awkward product placements! Comedian and actress Kristen Schaal took to her Twitter this weekend to point out the hilariously awkward placements.

Since then, people who have never even seen an episode of Days of Our Lives (Slowly raises hand…) have been laughing to clips online of every cringe-worthy moment. Some of the not-so-subtle product placements include placing a large bag of Wanchai Ferry instant Chinese food in a dramatic scene, with its logo carefully placed toward the camera. Characters even praised Cheerios for its contribution to bikini season. Ah — and there’s the unbridled affinity two stars share for Chex Mix!

Days celebrated its 45th anniversary earlier this month.

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