David Letterman Sex Addiction Rehab

David Letterman is being urged to enter rehab for sex addiction as his secret Hell of blackmail and sex with staffers slams the press, sources close to Dave reveal in the Oct. 12 edition of GLOBE.
David Letterman Extortion
“Sex rehab will prove to the world he’s willing to change his cheating ways. But rehab for such a high-profile guy like Dave would be his worst nightmare.”

Letterman is suspected of bedding at least eight women who have worked on CBS’ Late Show over the years, according to insiders. The exploits made him the alleged target of a $2 million extortion scheme by 48 Hours producer Robert Halderman. Halderman has been charged with one count of grand larceny for alleged threatening to expose details about Dave’s romance with former intern Stephanie Birkett — as well as a host of other shaming details about his private life.

Dave hired the sharp Wake Forest alum in 1996. Stephanie later became Letterman’s right-hand woman, working as an assistant and often appeared on-air.

Late Show spies believe sex therapy would be the best way for the comedian to redeem himself publicly and in the eyes of his companion of 23 years, Regina Lasko — also a former staffer.

The couple got hitched last March.

A tipster tells GLOBE: “Dave’s been leading a dangerous, secretive life and it’s caving on him now…..With the extortion attempt, it’s all come out. He’s been having sex with women who work with him on the show for years — there could be eight or more.”

The gap-toothed 62-year-old is a serial cheater who needs treatment, pals say.

“He needs serious rehab if he wants to save his marriage and stop his self-destructive behavior,” says a second source. “People behind the scenes at the show have known for years he’s a serial cheater. Now he needs to do something drastic to show everyone he’s paying penance for his sins.”

What do you think? Does Letterman need professional help?

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