David Cook David Archuleta “American Idol 7” Season Finale

It’s down to seventeen year old heart-throb David Archuleta or guitar-playing powerhouse David Cook on the seventh season of American Idol. Just as fans predicted in a national poll earlier this season, it will be a Battle of The Davids as the aspiring chart-toppers go all out for a shot at becoming the next American Idol.

At least one Idol judge already has a pick for which David should be victorious at the Kodak Theater next Wednesday night.

Simon Cowell told Blender Magazine in a new interview that he thinks David Cook should win this year’s competition.

“I think he’s done more to deserve it over the eleven weeks,” Simon says. “He’s taken more risks, he’s done things with certain songs that have been more interesting. If I’m gonna base it on who has done the best performances over the live shows, David Cook deserves to win.”

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