David Bruce McMahan Married And Slept With His Daughter

David Bruce McMahan and his daughter

The Village Voice has unearthed one of the strangest stories I’ve ever read. It concerns a millionaire named David Bruce McMahan and his daughter, Linda Schutt. McMahan discovered later in his life (and in hers) that he had fathered Linda Schutt, and he quickly made her a part of his family … and then started having sex with her, culminating in a bizarre secret “marriage” that took place in Westminster Abby.

Probably the more bizarre thing is that this is actually sort of common, common enough that it’s a disorder with a name: genetic sexual attraction. However that doesn’t excuse David McMahan, who comes across in the accounting as one of the biggest scumbags I have ever read about in my entire life. Check it out, it’s an enthralling story:


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