David Blaine Upside Down “Dive Of Death” Cheating

David Blaine’s latest stunt is being criticized by fans who claim the illusionist is cheating by taking ten-minute rest breaks every hour.

The thrill-seeker is presently hanging over Central Park’s Wollman Rink. David ignored repeated doctors’ warnings that this stunt could be dangerous, is taking breaks because he feels like his head it is “about to explode-” plus he needs to make occasional trips to the restroom.

“It’s cheating,” Chris Pirri, 24, of Long Island, told the New York Daily News on Wednesday. “I’ve been here ten minutes and already saw him take a break.”

“I’m not going to pee all over myself to satisfy those people. It’s pretty hard-core, worse than I thought,” a defiant David says of the cheating accusations.

David will end his 60-hourhang over New York’s Central Park on a live ABC special later this evening.

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