David Beckham offers up “David” as a name for the Royal Baby



The Royal Baby buzz is growing as news outlets from around the world are setting up camp outside of the hospital Kate Middleton is set to deliver at.

We know that the baby is due soon, Prince William is officially on leave from his Pilot duties and it seems that Kate has taken care of all the last minute details…now fans of the Royal Couple just need to learn the sex and name of this Heir or Heiress to the British throne.

Even soccer star, David Beckham is chatting about the impending birth of the new Royal baby. “David’s not bad” for a boy, Becks joked with Sky News. “William has been in all of our lives for so many years,” he told Sky News. “We have seen William grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. That’s an amazing quality. And that as a father is so important.”


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