Dave Chappelle Gets Booed During Stand-Up Comedy Show In Detroit, Fans Demand Refund



Dave Chappelle is attempting to make a comeback, but as of right now, things are not looking good. He rose to fame with the help of stand-up comedy originally and became one of the biggest comedy stars, which resulted in his fleeing of the Hollywood scene.

Chappelle is most well-known for his sketch comedy series The Chappelle’s Show that aired on Comedy Central for two seasons. The series quickly became a hit and is known for some quite controversial material.

He recently performed a pair of stand-up comedy shows in Detroit, MI over the weekend, and while some fans seemed to enjoy his set, others demanded a refund and were booing him during the show.

Dave Chappelle may be regretting his decision to make a comeback after recent events. However, this is not the first time that he has fallen victim to multiple hecklers while on stage and he even stormed off the stage during a performance in Hartford, Connecticut at the Funny Or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival.

While this does not look good for the veteran comic, perhaps even comedic geniuses have off nights every once in a while. He was also accused of being drunk and slurring his speech and it is easy to see why with the video that has surfaced of Thursday night’s performance.

He performed at the Fillmore Theater on Thursday night to much of the crowd’s disappointment and instead of treating them to a hilarious stand-up routine, he arrived on stage late and was seen smoking and rambling on the stage, which prompted hundreds of fans to demand a refund.

Dave Chappelle was certainly not welcomed with open arms upon his return to the stage and whether his career is officially over for good may be determined shortly. In addition to his show and previous stand-up career, he had a film career that included titles such as Half Baked, Robin Hood: Men In Tights and The Nutty Professor.

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