Darren McFadden And Dallas Cowboys Reportedly Agree To 2-Year Contract


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The Dallas Cowboys are already hard at work attempting to replace DeMarco Murray, and have reportedly agreed to a two-year contract with running back Darren McFadden.

The Cowboys are in need of someone who can carry the team after Murray’s 2014 performance, leading the league in rushing yards. With the signing of McFadden, the team will fill at least part of that void, but he has never been a big star in the league, particularly due to suffering several injuries over his seven season career.

DeMarco Murray just agreed to terms on a 5-year contract with the Eagles, the Cowboys’ biggest rival in the NFC East yesterday, hoping to replace LeSean McCoy, and could be a threat to the Cowboys in the upcoming season.

Darren McFadden was drafted out of Arkansas by the Oakland Raiders 4th overall in the 2008 NFL draft. The Cowboys selected McFadden’s running mate Felix Jones in that same year, but he struggled with injuries as well, eventually losing the starting position to Murray.

The pending deal involving McFadden and the Cowboys is worth up to $5.85 million, including a $200,000 bonus. In his seven seasons with the Oakland Raiders, Darren McFadden ran for 4,247 yards on 1,038 carries and 25 touchdowns. He also caught 211 passes for 1,769 yards and five touchdowns.

Of course, had he not been injured for much of his career, his numbers would be much higher, and he could be one of the stars of the NFL right now. The 2014 season was the only one when he was able to play all 16 games for the Raiders, and he was still a backup for much of the season.

At first, he was backing up Maurice Jones-Drew, but after he got injured, Latavius Murray became the starter, and will be starting for the team in 2015.

Tell US: Is signing Darren McFadden the right move for the Dallas Cowboys? What else can they do to replace DeMarco Murray?

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