Danish Man Claimed His Apple Watch Severely Burned Him, But Apple Disagrees

Apple Watches are this year’s new grown-up toy, but for one Danish man, they were a severe safety hazard. Jørgen Mourtizen claims he was in the bathroom one night when he smelled burning flesh, felt a searing stab of pain in his wrist, and discovered that the Milanese strap on his Apple watch was red hot.

Sounds strange, right? Mourtizen went to the press, disputing the notion that it was something other than the watch/strap that had caused the heat flare-up. He claims he was not near an outlet or any other heat source at the time, and that he was just holding his hand in the air, testimony that was corroborated by a witness.


Take a look at the burns he sustained:

Apple Watch brændte min arm 3 Apple Watch brændte min arm 4 Apple Watch brændte min arm

Ouch! The second photo absolutely shows scorch marks on the strap. Definitely bad burns, but it seems strange that the Watch could cause them, which Apple claims it cannot.

Apple has contacted Mourtizen since the incident and has conducted their own tests on the Watch. They assert that it had to have been “an outside influence” that caused the burns. Mourtizen has adamantly claimed the opposite, consistently asserting that he was nowhere near another heat source at the time. It looks like Apple and Mourtizen are at a stalemate, but if I were you, I’d opt for a strap that isn’t metallic. Just to be safe.

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