Dakota Fanning “A Very Demanding Young Woman”

Hollywood insiders fear Dakota Fanning could become the next Lindsay Lohan following the recent onset of reports claiming the seemingly gracious child star is diva in training.

Director Rowan Woods, who worked with Dakota on the new film Winged Creatures, allegedly accused the teen of throwing a tantrum and refusing to leave her trailer on multiple ocassions during filming. The Rumor Mill is ablaze with reports that the 14-year-old actress isn’t as gracious as she appears.

Dakota may appear “all sweet and giggly whenever there’s a camera nearby, or when she’s doing something like ‘Oprah’ or press interviews, but she can be a female version of Damien from ‘The Omen’ if she doesn’t get her way,” a studio marketing executive told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday.

”There’s just something very tough there. She’s a tremendous talent, but has become a very demanding young woman. Yet in this town we see stars getting away with that every day.”

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