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This dad’s Snapchat art with his newborn son is pretty amazing


Lukas Costeur is a new dad who decided to hone his artistic skills while taking care of his newborn son, Felix. His medium of choice? Snapchat art.

Most of Costeur’s Snapchat art is done while Felix’s mom takes a well-deserved rest.

He handles household chores, watches their newborn son, and works on his drawing skills with his son in tow.

“Costeur takes a quick Snapchat photo of Felix while the infant lays down for a nap. Using the quiet time, the new dad transforms his baby into lovable characters like Walter White, Rich Uncle Pennybags, Pinocchio, and even Santa Claus,” GiveItLove explains.


Sometimes his Snapchat art reminds us of Robinhood.


He also turns his baby into Aladdin.


How about a movie theme? Here’s his son in the hit Pixar movie “Up!”


Sometimes baby Felix fibs and his nose grows.


A tribute to the new Star Wars film.


Spiderman or Spiderbaby?


For more adorable photos of Felix, check out Lukas Costeur’s Tumblr page, SNAPDAD.

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