This Cute Little Girl Recites Lines From ‘Friends’


This is the perfect way to celebrate Friends’ 20th anniversary. Just shows you that ‘Friends’ touches the heart of people of all ages. Even this adorable little girl named Annie.

Heather Spohr is a mom blogger who, like most mothers, loves to take pictures and videos of her kids. On her The Spohrs Are Multiplying  website, Heather posted a cute little video of what appears to be the youngest ‘Friends’ fan, her now four year old daughter, Annabel Violet.

Heather says this about the video:

“Often when we watch Friends Annie will say, ‘Hey, I know that line!’ And then we’ll all watch this clip of her saying famous Friends quotes. It’s still one of my favorite videos we’ve made!  WE WERE ON A BREEEEAAAAK!”


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