Cue the Laugh Track: Robin Thicke “Paula” Album Sells 530 Copies in UK!

This might shock you, but it turns out even R&B’s most devoted toe-tappers can’t bear to listen to Robin Thicke beggin’ like Keith Sweat.

Despite a media blitz, which included a candid appearance on Good Morning America and a humiliating Q&A with “fans” on Twitter, the blue-eyed soul star’s “Get Her Back” campaign suffered a stunning failure on the Billboard charts. Paula — Robin’s mea culpa dedication to estranged wife Paula Patton — debuted with a paltry 25,000 copies in domestic sales. A commercial embarrassment…even in an era where streaming and digital downloading (legal and otherwise) have nearly crippled the recording industry.

Even more humbling are Robin’s numbers across the pond. Apparently, the Brits are too busy having English muffins and afternoon tea to be bothered with Thicke’s public crusade to salvage his marriage. (Priorities, people!) The album entered the Official U.K. albums chart at No. 200, moving a laughable 530 copies in its first week.

Just a year ago, Robin was still riding high off the success of his blockbuster summer hit (or rape anthem; it all depends on who you ask), “Blurred Lines.” The aptly-titled LP won the crooner his first Billboard No. 1 with 177,000 in sales.

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