Cue the Laugh Track: Kim Kardashian “Attacked” by Baby Elephant in Thailand

We’re going to go out on a whim here and assume baby elephants don’t do selfles. Hmmmm…it’s a lesson Kim Kardashian learned the hard way after she tried to take a photo featuring a baby elephant as a her backdrop.

Let us tell you how the drama unfolded. The entire Keeping Up with the Kardashians gang is in Thailand on a family vacation. Things seemed to be going well enough, that is until the Selfie Queen got the bright idea to start taking snapshots of herself with the local wildlife.

Yeah, perhaps not the smartest move.

Unfortunately for the future Mrs. Kanye West, her elephant co-star was not ready for its closeup. The animal blew air out of its trunk, lifting Kardashian’s hair extensions and sending the socialite into full flight mood. Kim escaped unharmed, but the bombshell’s ego is sure to take a bruising once images of her fleeing from Baby Dumbo starting making the GIFs rounds on Instagram.

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