Cuba Gooding Jr. Tiger Woods Movie

Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has been tapped to play philandering golfer Tiger Woods in an upcoming biopic.

“‘It makes a great movie because people love the drama of seeing someone really successful fall from the top and then scramble to pick up the pieces of their life,” a producer dished to The Daily Mail this week.

Tiger Woods Oprah Interview

The womanizing sportsman, 34, has been in the international spotlight after a tabloid report and a bizarre car crash set off allegations of more than a dozen extramarital affairs.

Gooding Jr. — who most recently won acclaim for his portrayal of heart surgeon Ben Carson in a 2008 TNT TV movie — won an Academy Award for his portrayal of football ace Rod Tidwell in Cameron Crowe’s 1997 box office hit Jerry Macquire.

What actor would you like to see play Tiger Woods in a movie?

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