Crystal Bowersox Bisexual

Now that American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox is on the cusp of singing superstardom, it’s only fitting the The Ghost of Friendships Past drudge up leeches of yesteryear to rain on her parade.

A high school fling of the newest addition to the Jive Records Family is spilling the beans on Bowersox’s booze-drinking, weed-puffin’ past as a bisexual teenager.

Former friends of the dreadlocked soul star tell The National Enquirer that Crystal was a sex-crazed wildchild, who had had three lesbian relationships and quite an active sex life by the time she was a 10th grader at Toledo School for the Arts in Ohio.

“Crystal was a free spirit. She wasn’t slutty, but if she found someone attractive, whether male or female, she’d give them a chance with her.”

One of Crystal ex-classmates, now 24, claims Bowersox dished about her early life as bisexual during an attempted seduction when both girls were 16.

The former pal yaps: “I smoked pot with Crystal about 10 times. We’d get high after school at a friend’s house. We also used to help ourselves to booze — usually beer or wine or Jack Daniels. It was around New Year’s 2002, Crystal was 16 and she and I were chatting with a pal, a younger boy. The conversation got around to our sexual experiences, and Crystal told us how she’d lost her virginity to a boy at our school…Crystal wasn’t at all shy. She told me she’d had sexual experiences with three girls, ‘I’m a pro at this, baby!'” the tipster tattles.

“She said one affair – with a girl her age at school — was a serious lesbian relationship. The other two were more like sexual experimentation.”

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