Cristiano Ronaldo Spits At Cameraman [VIDEO]

Some people sulk through defeat. Cristiano Ronaldo spits.

The larger-than-life sportsman — owner of one of the world’s most famous crotches thanks to endorsement deals with Armani and Nike — showed some very poor sportsmanship after a devastating loss to Spain in the World Cup in South Africa Tuesday. Portugal’s own Ronaldo shocked soccer fans across the globe as he viciously opened his mouth and sent a loogie flying in the direction of the cameraman.

Following the loss against Spain, Ronaldo was asked to share his thoughts on where the Portuguese team went wrong.

“Ask the coach,” he sneered.

Wow — talk about a high-profile prima donna.

By Wednesday, Ronaldo was on damage control and doing his best to put his misbehavior on the field into prospective.

“When I said to ask the coach, it was simply because (manager) Carlos Queiroz was at a press conference and journalists could hear his explanations and because I did not feel in the right condition to explain what happened,” Ronaldo told South Africa’s Marca. “I never thought that these simple and innocent words could cause so much controversy. So I ask you not to look for ghosts where none exist. There is no case whatsoever. I am suffering and I have the right to suffer alone. I am devastated, completely devastated, frustrated and with unimaginable sadness.”

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