Create Your Own Cleavage-Baring Katy Perry Elmo Shirt! [VIDEO]

Pop star Katy Perry hit back at her ban from Sesame Street by appearing in a saucy sketch on Saturday Night Live last weekend — and the web has been abuzz about the eye-popping Elmo t-shirt Katy wore to mark the ocassion ever since.

Dying to know where you can pick up a cleavage-baring Elmo top of your own? Mystery solved!

Say hello to The Big Face Elmo Tee, priced at $23. After watching the thread they created becoming an viral sensation, the designers at Mighty Fee T-Shirts put together this video to show all you envelope-pushing divos and fashionitas out there how you can make your milkshake pop just like Katy’s.

Also available in Men’s

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