“Courtney Love Is Dead” — Rocker Adopts New Stage Name Courtney Michelle

“Courtney Love is dead….”

Well, not really. The veteran rocker isn’t actually dead, but she’s decided to kill off her stage name — at least, the “Love” part — in an effort to shake off her damaged reputation, the byproduct of years of destructive living.

From now on the Hole star will only answer to the name “Courtney Michelle” — a derivative of her real name, which is Courtney Michelle Harrison.

“Courtney Love is dead,” the Grunge Goddess told Britain’s NME Magazine this week. “We’ve all decided we don’t like her anymore. We love her when she goes onstage, but I don’t need her in the rest of my life. Courtney Love is a way to oppress me,” she added.

We’re not sure her record label got the memo. Last week, they announced a new Hole summer tour — led by “Courtney Love.”

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