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Courtney Love going for broke


In addition to generally losing it, Courtney Love is losing a home in Washington state due to money problems. Failure to pay $367,000 in loans and legal fees has resulted in foreclosure with a Jan. 6 auction date. Purchased in 1997 by Love, court records show that Love has not made payments since 2003.

Love’s existance has been troubled since (and likely before) the suicide of husband Kurt Cobain in 1994. Now 41, Love has watched her career plummet as she deals with various addictions, which unfortunately include plastic surgery. The result has been a series of intoxicated public appearances with an ever-morphing face.

Most recently, Love attended Comedy Central’s roast of Pamela Anderson in August. Among other things, Love guffahed and squirmed in her seat, flashed her panties at the crowd, and acted high as a kite. In the words of Comedy Central’s publicist, she was ”acting like Tom Cruise on acid.” Before that, I recall her crashing a VH1 interview with Madonna by throwing her shoes from the street below, not to mention her perpetually irratic behavior at awards shows and terrible fashion sense.

It’s a dirty shame that Kurt’s former wife and grunger should come to this, but that’s the way of rock and roll. It doesn’t age well. It’s possibe that if he’d lived longer, Kurt Cobain would have gone the way of Courtney Love – turning out like Ozzy Ozborne or Axel Rose. Rocked out and a little sad. Who wants to punch me?


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