Watch: Couples Have The ‘How Many Partners’ Conversation On Camera

Is the 'how many partners' conversation necessary?

Did you have the ‘how many partners’ conversation with your spouse or significant other? How did it go? In a new video, couples discuss it on camera, sharing (or choosing not to share) their pasts with one another. The video is creating waves — not only with people debating whether it’s a good idea to discuss your sexual history with your current partner, but with some personal attacks on the folks in the video.

Some relationship advice professionals say that sharing your sexual history is a bad idea. Does your partner really need to know who else you’ve slept with? Instead, they recommend keeping your sex life in the present.

Despite that, many (perhaps most) couples have this conversation at some point, and it can be contentious, as some of the responses to the video show:

150?! This dude sleepin with people like he collecting pokemon?.

Lol! Sexually adventurous? That’s called being a huge slut?

These couples seem to handle it well though — check out the video below as they reveal to one another how many partners they’ve had.

It’s interesting to see that most of these couples have not had this conversation before– even a pair that’s been togeher for 16 years — and that most of them don’t seem fazed by it. Even when one partner won’t reveal her own number, she shows no signs of being bothered that her boyfriend names a number much higher than her own ‘official’ statement.

We do see one woman who expresses a preference not to know at all, and another who says it’s something she’d rather not think about.

The commenters on the YouTube posting seem far more bothered by how many partners the speakers have had than their own partners do — the section is rife with suggestions that the speakers are diseased, and name calling that ranges from simply ‘slut’ to terms too offensive to reproduce here.

Do you think the ‘how many partners’ question is detrimental to a relationship, or necessary disclosure?

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