“Cougar Town” Name Change?

Cougar Town creators fear the Courteney Cox-assisted ABC comedy has failed to net the success it deserves –ie: Emmy and Golden Golden nominations — because its title sounds like something you’d find buried on The Playboy Channel or airing as part of Cinemax After Dark’s midnight lineup.

That’s precisely series producer Bill Lawrence is lobbying for the show to kick off its third season next fall with an all new name.

“You would be hard-pressed to watch the last three episodes of the show and asked anyone for titles I doubt anyone would say Cougar Town,” Lawrence told HitFix on Wednesday.

Now that the show has envolved into an ensemble hit about the exploits of a hilarious group of pals, Lawrence wants a title that reflects.

“Partly as a result of common sense and partly from [the studio’s] research, they find too many instances of testing of people saying they would never watch a show called Cougar Town — ‘I don’t want to see some show about a 40-year-old woman nailing younger guys.’ And then they screen an episode, and people go, ‘Oh, I would watch this show.'”

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