Cory Brewer Accidentally Punches Referee In The Face During Another Loss To The Clippers [Watch]


Cory Brewer, with the way things have been going for the Houston Rockets lately, could have just as easily punched the referee in the face on purpose last night. However, it was a complete accident in one of the oddest NBA plays you will find after completing his drive to the basket.

The Rockets have been both one of the biggest surprises and disappointments over the course of the playoffs and it’s truly a mystery what happened to the team. They were one of the best teams going into the playoffs¬†but have been quickly falling apart.

While they easily got past the Dallas Mavericks, their team was falling apart already, and now with the Clippers having an injured Chris Paul, the Rockets somehow continue to struggle and are down in the series 3-1 after a huge blowout loss last night.

Cory Brewer’s play over the course of the series thus far has been questionable to say the least with the Rockets struggling at every level. After driving to the basket in a match-up with Blake Griffin that he mysteriously won, his arms just kept flailing around and knocked referee Ron Garretson in the face after his momentum carried him all the way out of bounds.

Of course, after watching the play, everyone can tell that it was a complete accident, but it is certainly a sign of the awful post-season that the Rockets have had as of recently. After losing to the Clippers with two big blowouts in a row, their season seems to be ending quicker than most people would have predicted.

In addition to Brewer’s accidental destructive antics, Dwight Howard engaged with a Los Angeles fan last night and upon being heckled about¬†the game, he invited the fan down to the court, yet another sign that the team has completely fallen apart.

Cory Brewer was one of the stars of the Houston Rockets aside from Howard and James Harden, but as of lately, everyone has been underperforming and their struggles have been a surprise to most people.

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