Corey Haim’s Death Linked To Prescription Drug Ring

Authorities in California believe the death of former teen actor Corey Haim could be linked to an illegal prescription drug ring.

The 38-year-old star of 1980s films such as The Lost Boys and Lucas was found dead earlier this week after an apparent overdose in the apartment he shared with his mother.

Investigators found no illegal drugs in the home, but they did discover four prescriptions for Vicodin, Valium, Haloperidol, and a muscle relaxant — all in Haim’s name. Cops now believe the illegal prescriptions could be linked to a local crew that has been writing phony prescriptions on stolen and fake doctor pads all over Hollywood.

“Corey Haim’s death is yet another tragedy linked to the growing problem of prescription-drug abuse,” says State Attorney General Jerry Brown, who recently took part in the investigation into Michael Jackson’s death. “This problem is increasingly linked to criminal organizations, like the illegal and massive prescription-drug ring under investigation. It’s a serious public health problem.”

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