Cops Called to Diffuse Fight Between Dina and Lindsay Lohan

Drah-mah! Police in Long Island, New York were dispatched to the home of Dina Lohan Wednesday morning after the celebumom found herself in the middle of a blowout with her famous daughter, actress Lindsay Lohan.

An allegedly “wasted” Dina reportedly got into a knockdown, dragout slugfest with Lindsay after the pair spent the night hobnobbing at a New York City nightclub. Tension started brewing after Dina insisted 26-year-old Lindsay join her at the family home in North Merrick, despite the petulant child star’s demands that she be dropped off at a local hotel.

The started arguing in the car and things got physical. Lindsay allegedly received a cut on her leg in the scuffle.

Now Lindsay’s sometimes estranged dad, the always chatty Michael Lohan, says he contacted the authorities after receiving a frantic call from his daughter.

“I called the police at Lindsay’s request. [Lindsay] even asked that I record the conversation because she was being held against her will by the limo driver at Dina’s instruction.”

Michael claims the women are warring over a $40,000 loan Lindsay gave Dina — which the starlet fears she used on cocaine. Of course, this isn’t the first spat of trouble for mom and daughter.

Drug counselors have been warning Lindsay to axe her mother from her management team for years. During Lindsay’s scandal-ridden stay at the Betty Ford Clinic in 2010, Dina was advised that if she continued to focus primarily on running her daughter’s career, Lindsay would likely have an even tougher time beating the addiction to cocaine and alcohol that has plagued her.

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