Cookie Lyon Meets Cookie Monster As Empire And Sesame Street Collide

Empire’s Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) appeared on Saturday Night Live last night and she used the opportunity to meet Cookie Monster and other members of the Sesame Street cast.

Keeping with her ‘from the streets’ vibe, Cookie Lyon was sure to tell Snuffleupagus that he’s not from the streets. She then competed with Cookie Monster for om nom nom nom noms. 

Cookie Monster and Cookie Lyons

Always needing to be the focus in the spotlight, Cookie Lyon even wore Elmo red with her signature wraps.

Sesame Street and Empire couldn’t be any different than each other if they tried, and the SNL skit perfectly highlights the differences between the shows characters.

Cookie Lyon and her Empire cast might be TV’s newest darlings, but Sesame Street has been on for decades and it’s merchandise sales would be the real life envy of the Lion family.

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