Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial In Death Of Michael Jackson Begins Tuesday

Conrad Murray, the island-born physican accused of overmedicating Pop King Michael Jackson and eventually causing the music legend’s death in June 2009, will go on trial for manslaughter in a Los Angeles courtroom on Tuesday.

Jackson’s two older children want to take the stand in the trial against their father’s former physician. Prince, 14, and Paris, 13, want to tell the court what they saw on the day Michael died, but the family is in agreement that their younger brother Blanket, nine, is too young to testify. Prince and Paris both witnessed Dr Murray attempting to resuscitate their father following a fatal overdose of Propofol and they believe they have evidence that could see him found guilty of manslaughter. But an insider says the childrens’ testimony could have the opposite affect and may end up actually helping Dr Murray’s case.

“Prince and Paris adored Doctor Murray and thought he was a godsend for their father,” the source tells The Daily Mail. “It was only after their father’s death that they formed a subsequent opinion of him. Both Prince and Paris could take the stand and wind up providing evidence which supports the doctor.”

Their testimony could help Murray’s defense even more if the teenagers are questioned about their father’s alleged drug use.

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