Commercials for 2007 American Idol Season 6 totally suck!

Is it just me or do the commercials for Season 6 of American Idol starting in January of 2007 just totally suck. In the previous 5 seasons of Idol, the commercials actually did their job at making me want to watch. But so far, the American Idol commercials have been total duds.

Or am I missing something? Seriously. I’d love to know that I’m wrong, but so far, the commercials I’ve seen have shown people singing that are totally mediocre. Not great. Not terrible. In other words, I’m not sure what the point of showing them has been? They hit some notes and miss some notes. Ok. Big deal. That’s normal. I want to see some clips of some of the real talent and also some clips of the total losers who should know better than compete in a singing competition.

Let’s think about it a little. Why do we watch American Idol? Well, because we love to hate the terrible singers and because we love to help pick out the hidden talent. Then of course there are the cinderella stories.

But so far, the American Idol commercials for season 6, which begins in only a month, have been lifeless and hapless, giving me very little to look forward to.

What are you thoughts?

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