Colts Linebacker Slashed By Ex-Girlfriend In Wild Fight Involving Gun, Baseball Bat, And Knife

A linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts who is probably not known by name to most people could change due to a wildly violent situation involving his ex-girlfriend.

The wild situation that occurred with linebacker Erik Walden happened on Sunday when he was at home with his current girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend, Erica Palmer, came to the house with a grudge to bear, and armed with multiple weapons, set out to make quite the scene.

The fact that nobody died during the incident is quite surprising given that a gun, a baseball bat, and a knife were all involved, which could also sound like the set up for a game of clue.

The police have reported that Palmer, with the two children she has with Walden in the car, pulled up to his house to confront him after she suspected he was seeing another woman. He had obviously moved on which we all try to do, but some people are just a little too crazy after a breakup, and decide to take their jealousy to the next level.

The Colts linebacker had no idea what was coming when ex-girlfriend Palmer hid in his house while away, and upon returning with his girlfriend, she attacked him with both the baseball bat and his personal gun.

What followed was an intense brawl that resulted in his girlfriend’s arm being broken from the baseball bat, and Walden being slashed with a knife that Palmer later added to her arsenal of weaponry, before running away from the fight again.

After having his arm sliced open by his ex-girlfriend, Erik Walden may be known to more people, and he was lucky to escape the situation alive. He had the strength to take his gun back from Palmer, but she did do plenty of damage after that.

Following the dramatic incident involving the Colts linebacker, his ex-girlfriend Erica arrested at a nearby hotel, and has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, family violence aggravated assault, theft by taking, and first-degree burglary.

Tell US: Can you imagine a crazier scenario that could have possibly gone down between the two of them?

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