College Student Who Is Too Stupid To Pass Class Sues University After Second Fail


Misericordia University Sued for failing student twice

Jennifer Burbella was too stupid to pass a nursing class at Misericordia University and now she is suing the school because she failed the same course two times.

WNEP spoke with Burbella’s lawyer Harry McGrath who says his client suffers from stress, anxiety and depression, and the school failed to provide her with the proper help necessary to pass the course.

McGrath believes that her stress and anxiety should be covered under The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1973.

Basically, Jennifer Burbella suffers from the same type of stress and anxiety that millions of college students face, but she believes the university is attempting to hurt her chances of graduating.

The lawsuit claims that Burbella asked for extra time to complete her exams and sought “communication with a professor during a test.”

“She’s not looking for the university to ordain that she get this degree, she’s looking for a fair opportunity, which the statute provides, to take the exam,” McGrath said. “If she fails it, that’s her own problem, and she has to deal with it.”

Does anyone really want a nurse who can’t think quickly on her feet and needs extra time to diagnose an illness or help a dying patient?

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