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College Humor and the Boys of ‘New Girl’ Address Sexual Assault in Funny, Important Video


This new hysterical video by College Humor addresses the problem of sexual assault on college campuses by calling attention to the problematic ways the issue is usually addressed. In this video, starring New Girl‘s Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris, sexual assault is compared to a hungry, rampaging bear trying to break down the door of the Man Cave, and devour them all.

…Or, you know, just 1 in 5. While the five friends hanging out in the basement all collectively freak out and run for cover away from the bear trying to attack them, Jake Johnson tries to allay their fears by echoing the same statements people make about sexual assault on college campuses.

He says things like “Bears will be bears!”, “But you know, it’s not going to eat all of us, it’s only going to eat like one in five” and “What happened between you guys and the bear is none of my business.”

The video is definitely funny, but it’s also an important metaphor for the inefficient (to say the least) ways in which the very real problem of sexual assault on campuses is handled. You would be afraid of a bear attack; you wouldn’t try to explain away the problem by blaming it on the nature of the bear, or try to allay fears by saying it probably won’t happen to all of us. Ignoring it won’t make sexual assault go away, just like ignoring a huge, deadly bear trying to attack you won’t make it disappear.

It’s also wonderful to see this message come from a site like College Humor, and also seeing the boys of New Girl addressing this video the best way they know how: with laughs. It’s true that this problem isn’t a laughing matter, but the humor goes a long way toward alerting more people to severity of the problem and the stupid ways it’s usually “dealt” with.

Good job, CH.

Lisa Lo Paro
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